In A Nut Shell - Are Organic Nuts Healthier?

Organic Nuts and Seeds - In a Nut Shell!!

People have asked me why organic. I met with a supplier, and he asked me that very question, which I told him. It's simple. Organic nuts are healthier than conventional nuts because they are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Pesticides are chemical compounds used in agriculture to protect crops from insects, rodents, fungi, and unwanted weeds. Pesticides remain on crops even after they are harvested, which can be harmful to your body. Cadmium, the main compound found in pesticides, is a heavy metal, and research shows it is highly toxic to humans. Small amounts can cause harmful effects that may lead to poisoning or even cancer. If you eat organic nuts, you don't have to worry about these toxic chemicals getting into your body.

Organic farming is also better for the environment and our ecosystem as it keeps our water and soil clean and helps preserve all living things. Conventional agriculture may contaminate the water, which, in turn, will harm the wildlife. Organic farming does not rely on chemicals that will pollute our water and soil. The farmers also rotate crops and cover them up to improve the soil and protect it from erosion and nutrient loss, so organic nuts often taste better than conventional. They are also focused on making their soils, plants, and environments healthy to make wholesome food for their customers. Quality is a priority for organic growers. Organic nuts have a price tag, but the long-term benefits are worth it. Buying organic also supports small farmers and independent businesses competing with larger food producers. Eating organic will ensure that you are making healthy choices and will keep you from having chronic exposure to harmful pesticides. In the end, you will be thankful.