The Budwig Protocol Diet


Although there haven't been studies assessing this diet, its creator, Dr. Joanna Budwig, a multiple Nobel Prize nominee, believed that it improved the odds for cancer patients. 

Dr. Budwig was a biochemist from Germany who was way ahead of her time when it came to the connection between food and health as well as the roll diet and lifestyle factors play in reversing disease.

Dr. Budwig, believed that the body needed a lot of polyunsaturated fat to help prevent cancer cells from spreading so she came up with a diet that consisted of a mixture of flaxseed and cottage cheese. The diet also encourages the intake of fruits, vegetables, high fibre foods and vitamin D. She developed a list of foods to avoid and she recommended people follow the diet for extended periods for optimal results. 

So what is the mixture that forms the foundation the of Budwig diet protocol? It’s flaxseed oil and either quark or cottage cheese. You can use low-fat yogurt as an alternative. Dr. Budwig chose organic flaxseed oil because it is a rich form of omega-3 essential fatty acids and it is tolerated by most people. 

She found that when the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese are combined, it made omega- 3 fatty acids easier to absorb. She also believed that it could play a role in managing cancer cell growth. 

Dr. Budwig watched her patients over the course of a couple of months and saw significant improvement. There is no reliable evidence to show that the Budwig diet can treat or prevent cancer, but some believe that it is a complimentary alternative approach to treating cancer. We tried it and have been following it for many years. 

XO, Haley