We Love Local

Haley's Pantry supports many small businesses to make our granola. Snyder Heritage is an organic maple syrup farm in Guelph, Ontario, about one hour and fifteen minutes from Toronto. I have partnered with them because they are a 5th generation farm, producing maple syrup for 100 years. They update their equipment and technology regularly and follow the food safety program. They carefully choose machines that save energy and are suitable for the environment. There are only a few maple syrup farms that are certified organic because there are strict regulations that they have to follow, and it is a bit of a process, not to mention a considerable expense. Organic maple syrup is healthier for the forest and the environment. It is also more humanitarian and ensures the long-term health of both wildlife and humans. Some farmers will say their maple syrup is organic because it is already pure from trees, but nothing is genuinely organic unless certified. Support local when you can.