Wheatgrass: Nature's Best Medicine

Wheatgrass juice to boost your health

I drink two cubes of fresh wheatgrass every morning after my workout. I find it refreshing and love what it does for my body. I feel protected, less stressed, and reassured that my body functions as it should.
Adding wheatgrass to my diet has given me so many nutritional benefits. I've been drinking this powerful superfood for ten years and never felt more vibrant and alive. Wheatgrass has done wonders for my immune system as I rarely get sick with colds and flu, and it has helped to reduce inflammation in my body. It contains many different vitamins and minerals and is high in vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Antioxidants found in wheatgrass, such as chlorophyll and glutathione, help reduce oxidative stress and protect our bodies against several health conditions. It has so many other nourishing benefits that can aid your body in its daily detoxification process. Fresh wheatgrass is raw and may be difficult to tolerate for some. You can always use a powder form, which is gentler, but I've never tried it. I love it out of the freezer mixed with filtered water as it helps the cubes thaw out faster.

I buy frozen sheets of wheatgrass from Dynamic Greens. It's a local farm in Stouffville, Ontario, and they ship worldwide. Their shipping is quick, and the cubes remain frozen upon delivery. I have purchased wheatgrass from Dynamic Greens for ten years and highly recommend them. It is easy to order online, and their service is fantastic! Thank you, Dynamic Greens, for allowing me to feel so terrific.