Funfetti Apples

These apples are so yummy and super fun to eat! They make a great after-school snack or an after-dinner treat. Your kids will devour them, and so will the adults in your life.

3-4 organic Granny Smith apples
Dye-free sprinkles (Supernatural or Watkins)
16 pitted Medjool dates
1 tsp organic non-alcohol vanilla extract
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (I love Califa Farms)
A pinch of Himalayan sea salt
Organic almond butter or peanut butter to drizzle (optional)
Organic dark chocolate chips melted (optional)

Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Slice the apples so they cover the tray. I use Granny Smith apples for this recipe as they look prettier and more colourful. Blend all the ingredients for the caramel sauce in a powerful blender until smooth. Make sure there are no date chunks. Add a little more milk if necessary to thin the caramel sauce. Pour over the apples immediately and shake on the rainbow sprinkles and granola.  You can swap out the caramel sauce for chocolate or peanut butter, or use them all if you're in the mood!