The Truth About Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a daily body massage that helps to get rid of dry skin, increases circulation, detoxifies, and helps stimulate the lymphatic system. The tradition has existed for centuries, but people use this technique more than ever to resurface their skin. Your lymphatic system is like a network of highways. These highways transport a fluid called lymph throughout the body. Lymph is similar to a garbage collector. It picks up waste and toxins from cells and pushes them through to get rid of them. If it’s doing its job right, it’s like a clean-up crew. If the movement is inefficient, the waste removal process will slow down, causing a traffic jam within our internal highways.

Dry brushing helps stimulate these highways so lymphatic drainage flows smoothly and prevents traffic jams. When you brush, you are supposed to move everything upward toward your heart because that is where lymphatic fluid flows. As you do this, you wake up everything, including the lymph nodes. This stimulation helps to get rid of the toxins and allows everything to flow smoothly. As you do this, you also get rid of dead skin cells to have a smooth layer and glowing skin.

You should always start at your feet and move upward. Do not move the brush back and forth or in a circular motion, as the meeting is abrasive and may hurt your skin. There are a lot of lymph nodes in your groin area, under your armpits, stomach, and neck. Be gentle there. I always dry brush before a shower so you can rinse off the dead skin. When I travel, I take a dry brush to keep up with my routine.

Happy Brushing.